Friday, 19 March 2010


Last Wednesday we had our long due conference call among students. originally we had planned to have a video conference quite a while ago but mainly due to technical reasons this was not possible.

During last Wednesday's session students from all participating schools got together in a session to decide on the winners per school in the Image & Poetry competition.

After a pre-selection had been made by sending in top-10 lists, the best two or three works per school were put on this weblog for all to discuss.

Eventhough the conference call qas a bit chaotic at times when more time was spent on saying "Hello,.. how are you" back and forth and at the same time, we think it went well after all.

Next time we should try and include VIDEO as well!

Here are some photos of the Dutch team (Milou, Michelle & Chantal) at their laptops!


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