Friday, 19 March 2010


Last Wednesday we had our long due conference call among students. originally we had planned to have a video conference quite a while ago but mainly due to technical reasons this was not possible.

During last Wednesday's session students from all participating schools got together in a session to decide on the winners per school in the Image & Poetry competition.

After a pre-selection had been made by sending in top-10 lists, the best two or three works per school were put on this weblog for all to discuss.

Eventhough the conference call qas a bit chaotic at times when more time was spent on saying "Hello,.. how are you" back and forth and at the same time, we think it went well after all.

Next time we should try and include VIDEO as well!

Here are some photos of the Dutch team (Milou, Michelle & Chantal) at their laptops!


Monday, 15 March 2010

late - 07E

late - 06E

the life of the tree:

a tree is planted by human being
and he gets water from our nature
and some of the trees get it from us.
The trees give us oxygen so we can live
The trees let us to live but what do we do for the trees
If it is became sick we will cut it off but when he is still good and nice we cut him off also

But why?
We need paper to write something on but we are wasting too much paper
and so animals don’t have homes any more
And if we cut a tree off we don’t get so much oxygen anymore
So watch out for what you are doing we need the trees and so the
trees needs us.

late - 05E

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

text - 14E

It’s green and has veins
it’s brown and there live worms in it,
it’s purple and it attracts beasts,
it’s yellow and named after an animal.
These are the things that nature produces:
a leaf of a tree,
the earth, lavender and dandelions,
what the nature can do.
It provides a blooming and colourful life.

Text - 13E

Trees & leaves,
Hanging down sad
The days are cold,
A remaining blade of grass,
Waving me goodbye to the wind
So softly and gently,
It’s so unbelievable
After night challenges a new day
Suddenly seems the trees,
And the leaves without worries
Keep the nature something hidden here?

Text - 12E

Planting trees early in spring,
we make a place for birds to sing
in time to come. How do we know?
They are singing here now.
There is no other guarantee
that singing will ever be.

Trees are the kindest things I know,
They do no harm, they simply grow
And spread a shade for sleepy cows,
And gather birds among their bows.

Text - 11E

Man and the tree are living together,
It’s better if there are a lot of trees
Cause you need them to breath.

Man and the tree are living together,
Trees are very important for the human.
You need them for a lot of things.

Man and the tree are living together,
The human is very bad for the environment
And also bad for the trees.

Man and the tree are living together,
Some people were very bad for the trees.
They cut down the trees.

Man and the tree are living together,
Trees give us oxygen so with no trees no people.
We need oxygen to live.

Man and the tree are living together,
The greenhouse effect is bad for the trees,
But it is the fault of the human

Text - 10E

Leaves are falling off the tree,
Outside it’s cold as it could be.
But when it’s getting warmer by the sun
The leaves will grow back, as it began.
In the winter it’s the same,
The leaves will get brown and lame,
That’s the life of a three, every year the same.
Hot ore cold, dry ore wet,
The tree will be growing as large as it can get.
Nobody will notice how big it could be,
It’s going so slow, nobody could see.
The person that planted it was so gald,
Thad he saw a few years later how big it could get.
He felt big and strong,
Because he knew how it began.
A small tree not one year old,
That moment was as pretty as gold.
Small little and as week as it could be,
Was now a very large and strong tree.

Text - 9E

Man and the trees are very important !
Of course, for us and for all of the animals
The human and the animals breath for the rest of there lives.

Man and the trees are very important !
People are breathing carbon dioxide
Trees need carbon dioxide
And the trees are giving oxygen to the human for the rest of there lives.

Man and the trees are very important !
Because the human need oxygen
The cars are bad for the environment and also for the trees
They produce exhaust fumes.

Text - 8E

The tree in my garden.

The tree in my garden,
know everything about my live.

When I was a little one,
he sees me in his shade,
and I swing on his bough.

In my teenage time,
I told hem all my secrets,
and I cry and laugh under this tree.

Even under this tree I’m marriage.
My children and my grandchildren played under this tree.
They told hem secrets to.

The tree knows from every generation al the secrets.
He heard, he’s silent, and he weave.
Way demolish people so beautiful tree whit a beautiful story.

Text - 7E


Somewhere in my garden
Stands an old tree
Full of knots branches
Very stately and very devout

Sometimes it seems really sad
In his old bark
Then sometimes branches break
Its leaves are a burden to him

He has a special place
This tree in my garden
Because sometimes I want to hide
Under his savage head

He knows my secrets
My tears, my sorrow
Because I left that sometimes
With him in my backyard

Text - 6E

Trees are like people
They breathe, eat, drink and sleep.
They can get sick and die.
But there are a few differences.
People cut trees.
But trees don’t cut people.
People need trees
But the trees can live without the people.

Text - 5E


I see many trees.
The beauty.
The air that I breathe,
Because of trees.
I wonder,
What would be a world
Without trees?
They grow and they grow.
And become one with the earth.
It’s perfect, it feeds.
Young and old,
Some are full, some are bold.
In spring they come alive,
In summer they shine,
In autumn they fall,
In winter they sleep.
Trees are magic.
Many kinds, so beautiful, it’s alive.
Something you want to keep.

Image - 9E

Image - 8E

Image - 7E

Image - 6E

Image - 5E

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Image - 1E

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

2nd correction

hello everybody!

I am very sorry, but I accidentally left out two pictures that arrived inside the deadline.Here they are:

image - 21A

image - 11A